The peeling

Peeling Is an accelerated and controlled chemical exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin to stimulate cellular activity and treat certain pathological or aesthetic disorders.

It is a very ancient technique since caustic preparations are used in Egypt and described in the papyrus of Ebers (3500 BCE). Most of the substances currently in use since 1800 (works from Hebra to Vienna).

The depth action of the peel (depending on the active ingredient used) will therefore make it possible to treat the desired alteration.

It is why we schematically distinguish three levels of peels

– Superficial level,
– Medium level,
– Deep level.

The unfolding of the peeling session

1/ After a deep cleansing of the skin, your doctor will apply a liquid solution in the form of a paste. You will quickly feel an intense warming sensation depending on the depth of the peel.

2/ After a few minutes; the doctor will apply and remove the solution and a suitable cream for you.

Whatever the depth of the peel, a skin preparation phase is essential. The solar eviction will be constant a few weeks before the peel, during and two months after the peel.

The superficial peel is an exfoliation that remains at the epidermal level.

Peeling treatment

The active ingredient used will be from the following acids :

– Fruit acids (the best known being glycolic acid),
– Salicylic acid,
– Lactic acid,
– Trichloroacetic acid in low concentration.

These peels are to treat :

– Acne,
– Dilated pores,
– Dull complexion,
– Certain superficial pigment disorders such as ephelides or melasma,
– Keratosis pilaris or superficial fine lines.

The different peels

Superficial peels can be applied to all body areas, even the most sensitive neck or cleavage. They are well-tolerated, non-social eviction peels that can use for almost all skin types and phototypes.

Repetition of the peel must be 3 – 8 sessions on average, with an interval between sessions ranging from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the skin type.
The active ingredient used and the problem to be corrected.

Medium Peel : This is a deeper exfoliation of the skin, which will reach the papillary dermis. The active substance used is trichloroacetic acid at concentrations above 18%. Used to treat skin disorders linked to ageing: loss of elasticity, thick skin, wrinkles, dark spots, actinic keratoses and supple acne scars.

It is a peel that will lead to social exclusion with redness and peeling skin for a few days. After the peeling, your doctor will prescribe suitable cosmetics and essential UV protection for several weeks.

Deep Peel : This is a deep exfoliation of the skin that will reach the reticular dermis. The active principle is phenol, a toxic compound requiring cardiorespiratory management and significant pigmentary and scar risk. Given the risks, Doctor Aimé does not practice this treatment.


A few minutes


Thick skin, fine lines and wrinkles, pigment spots, acne, skin imperfections, lack of radiance


3 to 12 months

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