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Principle of Plexr Treatment

Plexr Treatment

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Treatment from Italy will tighten and remove excess skin from the upper eyelid and smooth wrinkles and treat certain dermatological conditions safely and with a lasting effect.

The Plexr (Plasma resection) looks like a pen with a metal tip. When this point approaches the skin’s surface (a few millimetres), it will create tiny heat points on the surface (in the epidermis) by plasma phenomenon. It is electron-rich energy that vaporizes the surface layer of the skin, which generates when the handpiece is approximately 1mm from the skin surface.

The result is immediate skin retraction and, therefore, re-tensioning of the tissues without causing any bleeding, just a tiny scab next to each point of impact. There is no diffusion in-depth or in adjacent tissues, the result acts only in the superficial tissue next to the firing point.

The indications of Plexr: eyelids, wrinkles, dark spots, scars …

Le Plexr

Traitement des paupieres tombantes par PlexR

The main indication for Plexr will be the treatment of the eyelids :

  • drooping upper eyelids,
  • delicate lines of the upper and lower eyelids,
  • crow’s feet wrinkles (localized on the sides)

But also, to treat wrinkles, spots, and scars :

  • upper lip wrinkles, preauricular wrinkles,
  • scars from acne, chickenpox,
  • superficial brown spots: solar lentigines, ephelides, senile spots (melasma do not fall into this category),
  • ruby ​​spots,
  • acne,
  • xanthelasma,
  • re-tensioning the periumbilical area..

Doctor Aimé has the latest generation of devices, which has 3 handpieces allowing it to be adapted very precisely to the lesion for treatment.

Course and follow-up of a treatment session with Plexr

A first consultation will allow the Doctor to check that you respond to the indication for treatment with Plexr. The doctor will explain the treatment to you in detail and then give you the corresponding estimate.

And will apply an anaesthetic cream about 30 minutes before. During the session so that it is painless, Doctor Aimé moved the handpiece to the area for treatment.

The ionization phenomenon causes small dark spots that turn into tiny scabs that will fall off after about 6 to 8 days. It is essential to respect this step because they will have a role in protecting the treated skin.

During this period, one can wear make-up.

It is vital to protect the area well from the sun for about 1 month.

The possible side effects of treatment with Plexr are local:

  • oedema of the treated area appears immediately after treatment and continues to hold for about 48 hours; this can reduce it by applying cold.
  • Once the scabs have fallen, erythema appears on the treated area for about 3 to 4 weeks.
  • One can observe Pigmentary disorders such as hyperpigmentation in patients with dark skin or non-compliance with sun avoidance instructions.

Plexr treatment prices.

The treatment session of the 2 upper eyelids by Plexr: 325 euros HT

The treatment session for brown spots and scars: from 90 euros HT

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