The SkinBooster in a few words

Over time, the quality of the skin changes, collagen and elastin fibres deteriorate, and the amount of hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin decreases. Your skin gradually loses its radiance and tone and becomes dehydrated.

Treatment with SkinBooster will bring stabilized hyaluronic acid (from the patented NASHA technology) directly into your dermis.

It is not a wrinkle filler. The injected hyaluronic acid will deeply and durably moisturize your skin, restore elasticity and firmness without changing the features or volumes of your face.

Why treatment with SkinBooster?

The Booster skin treatment can be performed at any age regardless of your skin type :

The treatment will moisturize your skin deeply for younger-looking skin, delay the appearance of the first signs of ageing, or even correct the first wrinkles.

For mature skin, the Skin Booster treatment will have several effects: an improvement in the quality of your skin (hydration, tightening effect, skin radiance), a potentiating action with other aesthetic treatments such as peels, photorejuvenation, wrinkle filling and a preventive effect by the supporting act found within your skin thanks to stabilized hyaluronic acid.

The course of treatment with SkinBooster

  • Contraindications to treatment with Skin Booster are the same as those of hyaluronic acid (see chapter).
  • Even if the product is painless on injection, applying an EMLA-type anaesthetic cream one hour before treatment is possible. Cleansed and disinfected skin, treatment carried out by the doctor by multiple injections or cannula. According to the established protocol, you will be injected with 1 to 2 syringes of the product during the session.
  • After the session, you may have some redness, small hematomas may appear, but the consequences are usually simple.
  • Skin Booster treatment is a procedure that gradually improves the quality of your skin. We recommend you perform between 2 and 3 treatment sessions spaced about 3 weeks apart to obtain optimal results. The result is long-lasting (about 6 months). We can then propose a maintenance session to you according to your needs and your skin type.

Price of treatment with SkinBooster

The price of treatment using a syringe of Skinbooster is 250 euros TTC


20 to 40 min


Loss of tone and radiance of the skin of the face, wrinkled skin of the cleavage/neckline


6 months

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