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Vascular laser face and body: spider veins, venous lakes and rosacea

ND Yag and Gentle pro vascular lasers are state-of-the-art devices that correct various imperfections of the face and body by relying on the thermal energy emitted by the device. By explicitly targeting blood vessels, vascular lasers destroy superficial vessels while eliminating unsightly lesions.

What are the different forms of vascular pathologies?

Vascular lesions correspond to dilatations of blood vessels being of congenital origin or acquired over time. It is mainly the case for telangiectasias of the nose. These dilatations of the blood vessels on the skin’s surface take on a purple or red colour and sound caused by various factors: regular and prolonged exposure to UV rays, excess alcohol, pregnancy, prolonged use of steroid drugs, hormonal treatments.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small veins less than 1 millimetre in diameter of red, purple or blue colour that usually appears on the lower limbs but can also be found on the face, back or belly.

What are Ruby spots?

Ruby spots or ruby angiomas are among those benign malformations of blood vessels that are abnormally dilated. These red dots on the body appear at birth or with age, and their evolution is variable since they sometimes disappear spontaneously over time.

What are stellar angiomas ?

Stellar angiomas is another skin condition caused by abnormal dilation of blood vessels that most often appears on fair skin in both adults and children. It manifests itself as a central point that divides into several small branches, such as a star.

Venous lakes: legs, lower limbs

Venous lakes are isolated benign vascular lesions blue in colour similar to varicose veins and usually found on the parts exposed to the sun: on the face, legs and lower limbs. When they are not too large, treatment is with a vascular laser.

Definition of rosacea

Rosacea, it is a disorder of the face’s blood vessels that mainly affects women with fair skin and appears in the form of unsightly redness in the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.

Who is vascular laser treatment for?

Vascular laser treatment is for all people who want to get rid of the unsightly appearance of their skin vascular lesions without going through surgery.

The process of a vascular laser session

Vascular lesions are the subject of the first consultation at Dr Aimé, during which the doctor carefully examines the skin and the lesions that need treatment. You need to inform her of your medical history to identify possible contraindications for treatment. At the end of this first appointment, Dr Aimé establishes with you a personalized treatment plan and an estimate of the cost for the sessions. She will provide you with information and consent documents.

Execution of your first laser session will be on the same day as your first consultation.

Before starting the session, your doctor begins by cleaning and disinfecting the skin that needs treatment. She then equips you with protective glasses that you will have to wear throughout your session. You may feel the warmth on the skin during the treatment that will eventually persist for a few hours. In addition, after a vascular laser session, it is possible to see small crusts or slight swelling appear on the part of the face. Such effects should not worry you because they are part of the expected continuation of treatment.

At the end of the session, your doctor will apply soothing cream to your skin to reduce the feeling of warmth.

How many sessions are needed to achieve an optimal result?

Your Dr Aimè determines the performance of the number of laser sessions. It varies from person to person, depending on the type of lesions to treat. She usually recommends 1-4 sessions to treat vascular lesions.

The results before/after the use of the vascular laser

The vascular laser effectively corrects skin vascular lesions. Throughout the sessions, you will see them gradually fade until they disappear entirely.

The recommendations after a vascular laser treatment.

Following your vascular laser treatment, Doctor Aimé will recommend applying a soothing cream to the treated skin for a few days and avoiding the sun by using sunscreen to the skin throughout the healing period.

The prices for vascular laser treatments

Avascular laser treatment session price is from 120 € per session regardless of the area treated. Due to the aesthetic nature of this treatment, social security does not reimburse this procedure.

Treatment Rates
spider veins from 120€
angioma from 120€
couperose from 120€


10 to 20 min


Spider veins of the face and lower limbs, telangiectasias, ruby spots, angiomas, venous lakes



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