Fractional laser


Fractional laser: treatment for acne scars, surgical scars and wrinkles

The fractional laser is a new generation laser that aims to smooth the skin and tone it by delivering high precision thermal energy. Thanks to the device’s roller, the skin surface is left intact, guaranteeing faster healing and recovery.

By stimulating the collagen fibres, which are one of the main components of the skin, the heat emitted by the device improves skin texture and structure, corrects acne scars and surgical scars, reduces wrinkles and erases the skin. Stretch marks on skin phototypes ranging from I to IV.

Principle of the Frax Pro non-ablative fractional laser

The Frax Pro Non-Ablative Fractional Laser used by Dr Aimé is a latest-generation laser that corrects various skin imperfections in-depth, with less social exclusion.

The particularity of this device is that it delivers a large number of microwells per cm² of treated skin, which ensures deep skin resurfacing. On the other hand, the non-ablative aspect of this technology eliminates any risk of skin injury on the surface. The remarkable specificity of the Frax Pro non-ablative fractional laser is that it causes columns of heat in the skin, better known under the name “microthermal zones” (MTZ). Which, by heating the dermis, stimulates the formation of the skin. ‘a new collagen (neo-collagenesis of collagen). The result is a continuous improvement of the treated skin for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months after the treatment.

Candela’s FraxPro fractional laser treatment :

Candela’s Frax Pro Fractional Laser treatment is not particularly painful. Dr Aimé may, however, prescribe a numbing cream to be applied before your session, if you wish.

In addition, the sensation of heat associated with the Laser treatment is significantly reduced thanks to the SoftCool cooling technology, which relies on the emission of a flow of humid and cold air on the treated skin throughout the session.

The Frax Pro Fractional Laser session is quick and only lasts 10 to 15 minutes for the face.

Areas that it can treat :

One can see the action of the Frax Pro Fractional Laser in various areas, including on the face, neck and décolleté.

Laser to treat scars

The doctor can only perform the Fractional laser on skin phototypes ranging from 1 – 4. To protect the skin from possible risks of burns,

Before your Laser session, Dr Aimée o a careful examination of the skin that gets treatment. She will question you to look for possible contraindications to the therapy (pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin disease, etc.). At the end of this first consultation, Doctor Aimée establishes a treatment plan adapted to your needs and estimates the cost of care. She will give information and consent documents.

Your Laser session is on the same day as your first consultation.

An expectation of 3-5 laser treatments sessions for an optimal correction of acne scars. The treatment of surgical scars requires 2 to 4 treatment sessions. The number of sessions depends on the lesions to be treated, your age and your skin phototype.

Whatever type of scar to correct, the interval between sessions should be 4 to 6 weeks.

Laser to treat facial wrinkles

The fractional laser allows optimal correction of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and mouth. As the results of your Laser session to treat wrinkles are not restrictive, you can return to your social and professional activities immediately after your appointment.

On the day of the session, Dr Aimé begins by equipping you with protective glasses, then proceeds to bypass 2 – 3 times over the area to be treated. The SoftCool skin cooling system helps reduce heat, reducing the discomfort associated with the treatment.

By creating micro-sutures inside the dermis, the laser creates clotting points that give a tightening effect that smoothes wrinkles by flattening the skin. On the other hand, the neogenesis of collagen caused by the thermal heat emitted by the laser restores the skin’s density.

To effectively correct facial wrinkles, you will require 3 – 5 laser treatment sessions.


Contraindications to Fractional Laser Treatment:

Contradictions of Fractional Laser Treatment in the following cases :

  • Prior exposure to the sun or tanned skin
  • Ongoing follow-up of immunosuppressive treatment
  • Taking photosensitizing drugs
  • Photosensitive systemic disease (lupus, porphyria..) or uncontrolled systemic disease
  • Presence of infectious or cancerous skin lesions on the area to be treated
  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Metal implant,

The treatment of areas with a tattoo or permanent makeup, is strongly discouraged.

Side effects of a Frax Pro Fractional Laser treatment Immediately after a Frax Pro

Fractional Laser skin treatment, some of the side effects that may appear:

  • A feeling of heat
  • oedema
  • Erythema or redness

Such reactions should not worry you because they disappear spontaneously 24 hours after the interval laser session.

The price to treat scars with laser

The price of a Frax Pro Fractional Laser scar treatment session is about 200€. However, the prices vary depending on the area that needs treatment, the degree and severity of imperfections that needs correction. As this act is considered aesthetic, social security does not cover these costs.


Treatment Rates
Acne From 200€
Scars From 200€
Wrinkles From 200€


20 min


Acne scars, surgical scars, wrinkles, stretch marks



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