The tensor threads.


The tensor threads

The tensor threads reposition the tissues and volumes of the face without scalpel or scar. You can describe this aesthetic medicine technique as a “facelift without surgery”.

The tensor threads have the particularity of allowing two joint actions, namely a discreet and natural rejuvenation of the face and a regenerating effect thanks to a stimulation of the natural production of collagen.

The tensor threads in a few words

The tensor wires consist of a resorbable thread on which have been arranged small cones also resorbable of the same composition with a bidirectional orientation. This orientation allows the suspension of the tissues after the threads are placed under the skin. A tightening thread lift indicates women and men who seek to effectively fight against the signs of facial ageing without resorting to a heavy and invasive treatment but wanting an authentic and natural result.

The areas that one can treat:

The goal is to treat sagging in different face areas and reposition volumes with a natural result. The regions conventionally treated are:

  • the cheekbone
  • nasolabial folds
  • jowls
  • the corners of the lips
  • the oval of the face
  • the eyebrow for 3-5 days, it is best to avoid alcohol, aspirin, or anti-inflammatory drugs. It would be best if you also avoid exposure to the sun and the sauna.

The results

You can appreciate the result of the intervention after a few days, once the thread has integrated well, oedema has disappeared, and the tissues have regained their flexibility. In this, the result obtained immediately after the treatment is not a reflection of the end result.

There are often some temporary irregularities in the first days due to the inhomogeneous distribution of oedema and skin or an apparent hypercorrection that will gradually disappear.

Isolated portrait of a natural beauty

The installation of tensor wires videos

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20 to 40 min


Skin loosening, correction of the oval of the face


18 months

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