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Pigment Laser: Treatment against Brown Spots

The Gentle Max Pro pigment laser is a state-of-the-art device whose power makes it possible to deliver short pulses of energy into the skin in a targeted way. The energy emitted is absorbed by the melanin pigments that form the unsightly lesion. Thanks to this selective emission, laser energy reduces the lesion by destroying excess pigments without touching the skin around it.

Definition of brown spots

Brown spots, also known as “age spots” or “lentigo”, are benign pigment lesions of varying size that develop with age under regular exposure to the sun. Although they are not dangerous, they should be subject to regular dermatological monitoring to ensure that melanoma is not confused with lentigo.

Who is affected by brown spots?

Brown spots correspond to skin lesions that develop on all phototypes, although they are more common and visible in people with fair skin older than 40 years. It also happens that they appear in younger subjects, from 30 years old, because of their heredity or the impact of external factors on the skin.

Conduct of a pigment laser session: against brown spots

Before your laser session, Dr Aimé conducts a precise examination of your pigment spots and will ask you a few questions that will identify any contraindications to the use of the device. Your doctor establishes a treatment plan adapted to your needs and a personalized quote at the end of the consultation. She will provide you with information and consent documents.

You can perform your laser session on the day of your first consultation, which begins with a cleansing and disinfection of the skin. Your doctor then equips you with protective glasses that you will wear throughout the session.

Treatment depends on the duration of the intervention and the extent of the area. It is approximately 15 minutes and does not require social eviction. This way, you will be able to return to your daily activities immediately after your session.

How many sessions are needed to treat pigment spots?

Several factors allow your doctor to determine the number of sessions needed to treat your pigment spots: the depth of the areas, their age, and other previous treatments, all factors influencing the treatment plan. After the first session, patients usually need to have 1 – 3 additional sessions to overcome these skin lesions.

Results before/after pigment laser treatment

The treatment of pigment spots with a laser makes it possible to obtain particularly satisfactory results. Throughout the sessions, you will notice fewer and less visible spots until they disappear entirely.

Recommendations after treatment of brown spots

Immediately after laser treatment of brown spots, a feeling of heat or erythema appears on the skin. In addition, it can also occur that brown spots become darker. Such reactions are normal and should not worry you because they fade spontaneously within a few days.

In addition, Dr Aimé will recommend that you protect yourself from the sun to prevent the appearance of new spots and apply a healing cream on the treated skin during the few days following the treatment.

Price of the treatment of brown spots

The price of a laser treatment session of brown spots is from 120 € TTC.

It varies from one person to another, depending on the extent of the spots and their degree of depth. That said, this act is considered aesthetic. Social security does not reimburse this procedure


15 min


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