Laser skin treatment by Dr Virginie Aimé


Laser skin treatment is a speciality of Doctor Aimé. During her internship, the Doctor obtained the European Inter-University Diploma in Medical Lasers. 

Since then, Doctor Aimé has opened a centre for aesthetic medicine in the heart of Antibes and has equipped with its latest generation laser technical platform.

A personalized response to your problems

Doctor Aimé is committed to offering personalized laser solutions and treatments. By providing technical expertise, communicating on various practices and listening to the needs of her patients, the Doctor can best adapt her technology to beautify the face and silhouette according to all body types. Doctor Aimé offers tailor-made answers taking into account the characteristics and reactions of each person’s skin.

Acne treatment

Acne is a common skin disease that can leave sequelae. Eruptions of pimples on the face and body in some cases leave visible scars. 

The correction of acne imperfections is done at Dr Aimé’s centre using the Frax Pro Non-Ablative Fractional Laser. It delivers thermal energy, which will stimulate the production of collagen. In charge of tissue cohesion, the protein will regenerate the dermis to restore its elasticity and suppleness. This process uses heat to erase acne scars and large healthy pores.

Rosacea treatment

This skin disease mainly affects the central part of the face (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin). It manifests by an abnormal and permanent dilation of small blood vessels in the skin, visible to the naked eye.

Dr Aimé’s centre has an ND YAG vascular laser to correct these irregularities that target the vessels under the skin while preserving them. 

Pigmentation Spot Treatment

The appearance of pigment spots is related to significant exposure to UV rays. They develop on the skin with age and are often called age spots. These superficial brown spots appear on the face and the neck or cleavage/neckline, on the areas of the body most exposed to the sun. 

The correction of these spots is the GentleMax Pro laser, which removes the excess pigments with small pulses while preserving the dermis.

Treatment of spider veins

Spider veins are small, conspicuous blue, purple, or red veins that appear on the lower limbs and sometimes on the face.

The ND YAG Vascular Laser will destroy these marks which form under the skin by perforating these lesions without damaging the skin.

Scar treatment

A variety of things causes scars: an accident, a mark of surgery, a burn, or acne remnants.

Like treating acne scars, the Fax Pro Non-Ablative Fractional Resurfacing Laser will stimulate the dermis to induce neo-collagenesis and thus regenerate the skin.

Stretch mark treatment

The cause of the appearance of stretch marks is damage to the elastin fibres, the proteins responsible for the skin’s elasticity. The reasons are a rapid change in weight, rapid growth or even pregnancy.

The Fax Pro non-ablative fractional laser is very effective on these stretch marks when they are still recent, namely when their colour is red or purplish.

A message from Doctor Virginie Aimé

Dr Virginie Aimé is happy to offer you treatments adapted to each of your requests. By submitting you tailor-made solutions, the Doctor makes sure to meet your expectations. Equipped with the latest generation machines, the aesthetic medicine centre treats you excellent precision, speed and efficiency. These minimally invasive treatments are an ideal answer to your skin problems.

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