Prior information on prices in aesthetic medicine

Your doctor does not have an agreement. Your health insurance makes no reimbursement.

Dr Aimé will always draw up an estimate for you before the treatment (compulsory since the order of May 30 2018).

No Payment by check, cash or credit card

Here are the prices for the main procedures performed by your doctor as an indication.

These prices take into account the application of VAT (20%) for all medical acts and
cosmetic surgery since October 1, 2012

Anti-ageing Consultation

From 60 euros including tax for the Consultation,

40 euros including tax in case of establishment of an estimate only (for example, before waxing laser)

Wrinkle treatments by injections

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid: the syringe from 330 euros incl.

Botulinum toxin A (Vistabel, azzalure) : 280 euros including tax to 420 euros including tax

Mesolift / Skin Booster

Mesolift based on hyaluronic acid and regenerating complex : from 140 to 180 euros incl.Session

Redensification mesolift : 210 euros

Skin Booster : 250 euros

Tension threads

Tension threads : on request, depending on the type and quantity of threads used.

around 1200 euros including tax for 10 threads


Complete face treatment : 180 euros including tax per session
Treatment of low neckline : 250 euros including tax per session
Hand treatment : 120 euros including tax per session


Superficial : from 95 euros including tax
Medium : from 220 to 380 euros including tax
Depigmenting : from 100 to 280 euros including tax

Laser hair removal

Here are some examples of rates; packages for the treatment of several areas in the same session will be issued to you on quotation during the first Consultation.

Face (chin, upper lip) : from 90 euros including VAT
Swimsuit : from 110 euros including tax
Armpits : 100 euros including tax
½ legs, thighs : from 170 euros including tax


Cryolipolysis : From 350 euros to 550 euros, including tax per treatment session.

Plexr treatment

  • Treatment of upper eyelids by Plexr : 380 euros including tax per session
  • Treatment of lower eyelids by PlexR : 350 euros including tax per session
  • Treatment of upper lip wrinkles : 300 euros including tax per session
  • Treatment of brown spots : from 90 euros including tax per session

Haircare prices

Mesotherapy using a bottle of Haircare : 110 euros including tax (i.e. 92 euros excluding tax)

1 Hydrafacial Kéravive treatment (included 1 spray) : 600 euros including tax (i.e. 500 euros excluding tax)

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