Docteur Aimé Virginie


L’Expertise Médicale au service d’une Beauté Naturelle.

En constante évolution, de plus en plus spécialisée, la Médecine Esthétique nécessite un engagement passionné et exclusif.

Installée au cœur d’Antibes, je vous accueille au sein de mon cabinet afin de vous faire bénéficier de traitements médicaux esthétiques sur mesure, efficaces et sûrs.

Avec plus de 15 ans d’expérience, mon expertise sera au service de votre beauté, corriger ce défaut, gommer les effets du temps, afin de vous permettre de retrouver une apparence en harmonie avec vous-même.CONSULTER



If your desire is to enhance your appearance in a welcoming and comfortable environment equipped with the latest equipment and products, then my clinic is the place for you.

From our first appointment I will listen to your concerns and recommend the treatments best suited to your desired results. I value an open exchange with my patients so that they will feel comfortable every step of the way.

I opened my clinic 15 years ago and am a licensed Physician and Specialist in non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine. What that means for you is that I have the depth of knowledge and expertise to use the right product and treatment appropriate to your face and body for maximum results that still look natural.

I continually research and add new products and equipment after they have been proven both safe and effective. For example, I have recently added the Hydrafacial Machine, which deeply purifies and hydrates the skin.

In all that I do in my clinic, I strive to give you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that enhances your appearance naturally so that you can feel even better about yourself. That is what I am dedicated to, and it would be my pleasure to welcome you to the clinic for a consultation.



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